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LONG WALKS 16-24 km

Budget ** packages.  Daily walks of 16 - 24 km

H20 - Dourbie Valley(6-14d)

H22a - Gorges & Causses (5d-9d, without bags transfer possible)

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Standard ** and ***. Daily walks of 16 - 24 km

H22b - Gorges & Causses (5d-9d)

H23 - Standard   Causse Méjean, Gorges du Tarn     8 or9days     starting in Le Rozier  All details

H30 - Saint Affrique and Tarn valley

H32 - Rodez-Millau Lévézou (6d-10d)

H33 - Tarn Valley Albi-Millau (5d-9d)

H39A - Compostella Aubrac (5-10d)

H39C - Compostella Rocamadour (5-10d)

H78 Cathar walks (6-8d)

H80 Cathar walks (8-15d)

H72 - Corsica (6d-15d)

Plus ** / ***. Daily walks of 16 - 24 km

H20 - Dourbie Valley (6-14d)

H22c - Gorges & Causses (5d-12d)

H32 - Rodez - Millau Lévézou

H76 Luberon (4d-10d)

H33 - Tarn Valley Albi-Millau (5d-9d)

H38 - Walking Aubrac(5d-8d)

H89 Vaucluse (6-11d)

H13 - Corsica (6d-15d)

H78 Cathar walks (6-8d)

H80 Cathar walks (8-15d)

Superior ***and ****.  Daily walks of 16 - 24 km

H22 - Gorges & Causses (5d-14d)

H31 - Gorges du Tarn (5d-9d)

H33 - Tarn Valley Albi-Millau (5d-9d)

H76 Luberon - (4d-10d)

H13 - Corsica(6d-15d)

H38 - Aubrac(5-9d)

Luxury **** / ***.  Daily walks of 16 - 24 km

H31 - Gorges and Causses (5d-9d)

H33 - Tarn Valley Albi-Millau (5d-9d)

Long walks in Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses, the Gorges du Tarn, in Provence, Dordogne, Corsica and the Cathar area in Southern France.

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