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Walking holiday in Cathar Country

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Walking the Cathar trail in the Pyrénées

Cathar Castles of the Pyrenees : From Carcassonne or the Mediterranean to Quillan or Carcassonne. 6 to 8 days standard** packages.

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walking in France H79 H78

From the Mediterranean Aude to the Pyrenees Ariègeoises in the heart of the sun blessed Corbières region from Carcassonne you can find the secret trails and castles of the chateaux Cathar. Imposing stone castles built high up in rocky crags of pogs. These fortresses are the symbol of a tragic, political intrigue and drama that shook the South of France. This walking holiday combines a historical interest that stirs the imagination as well as some memorable walking through lush un-spoilt mountains and valleys.

For walks along the whole of the trail from the Med to Montségur and Foix click here H80 .
For a short version From Quillan to Foix (option start in Carcassonne) 7 or 8 days click here H79 .

For a **/*** plus version 6, 7 or 8 days plus click here : H78-plus .

You can start this walk in Quillan if you want and walk in a circle back to Quillan via Peyrepertuse and Puilaurens. Mail us for all details.

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Itineraries Day stages Pricing

Mystic Cathar Castles of the Pyrénées: H78-2 6 to 8 days. Extra day/night possible in Carcassonne.
This walk we propose as a "standard **" package (in ** and **/*** hotels and guesthouses).
Selfguided trekking French Cathar trail in the Pyrénées.

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Itineraries Day stages Pricing

H78 standard ** standard **
Basic rate in € p.p. - double room sharing.
Bags transfer maps and written route instructions included
202 3 BnB's Dinners Basic rate p.p. Supplement
single room
6 days 5 4 € 6 46 € 6 € 219
7 days 6 5 € 79 4 € 1 6 € 2 67
8 days 7 4 € 9 25 € 6 € 327

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Extra nights BnB   Dinner Rate p.p. 2 p sharing room supplement
HS p.p.
single room
** hotel du Pont Vieux BnB
yes no € 63 € 0 € 4 7
** le Vieux Moulin
yes no € 78 € 0 € 4 4
Camps sur l'Agly/Cubieres
** Ch. d'Hôtes
yes yes € 59 € 0 € 34
  • Solo all-in: add 7 6 % at basic rate. Supplement single room included.

  • Not included: Lunches.

  • The price includes: the moving on of baggage between hotels, the dossier containing your maps, route notes and all necessary details needed for your holiday.

  • The price does not include: Drinks, entrance fees, additional transfers and holiday insurance.

  • Price of transfers not included in basic rate
    Supplement taxi transfer from Carcassonne to Port-la-Nouvelle or Tuchan : € 140 per pax up to 4 personen.
    Supplement taxi transfer from Foix to Toulouse airport on last day : € 155 per pax up to 4 personen.
    Supplement taxi transfer from Foix to Quillan on last day : € 105 per pax up to 4 personen.

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Discount on basic rates for small groups and families.
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Parties van 3 personen   8 % p.p.
Parties van 4 personen 1 2 % p.p.
Parties van 5 personen 1 5 % p.p.
Parties van 6 personen 1 3 % p.p.
Parties van 7 personen 1 5 % p.p.
Parties van 8 personen 1 6 % p.p.

Itineraries Day stages Pricing

Walk H78-standard
Cathar walk Carcassonne-Queribus-Quillan
Standard ** Packages
First night in Carcassonne (or Narbonne)   Day 1 Day 1 Carcassonne ** BnBor Narbonne
Transfer to Villeneuve-l'-Corbières or Col d'Extrème (7- and 8-days packages)
Walk to Tuchan 13, 19, 25 or 29km
5h00 to 8h.
Elevation gains: 800m.
Day 1 Day 2 Day 2 Tuchan **
Relais d'Aguilar
Dinner, BnB
Walk to Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse
23 km: 7 hours
Elevation gains: 750m.
Day 2 Day 3 Day 3 Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse **
BnB Vieux Moulin
Walk Cubières-sur-Cinoble
17 km. 5h
Elevation gains: 750m.
Day 3 Day 4 Day 4 Cubières-sur-Cinoble Accueil au Village**
Dinner, BnB
Walk to Bugarach
15,8 km. 4h
Elevation gains: 650m.
Day 4 Day 5 Day 5
Bugarach **
Dinner, BnB
Walk to Quillan
24,5 km. 7h.
levation gains: 700m.
Day 5 Day 6 Day 6 Quillan ** Nidelice Dinner, BnB
Night in Carcassonne. Transfer to Carcassonne not included in the package. Bus to Carcassonne possible.     Day 7 Carcassonne ** BnB
End of the package after breakfast Day 6 Day 7 Day 8

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Itineraries Day stages Pricing

PROGRAM walking days W78-standard


Narbonne is a town in the Languedoc-Roussillon région of France. It is less than an hours drive from Spain. It was once a busy port, but it is now about 9 miles from the Mediterranean Sea. The town is linked to the nearby Canal du Midi and the Aude River by the Canal de la Robine, which runs through the centre of town. If you want to visit the beach you go to Narbonne Plage. Which has a 3 mile beach and a marina with 600 mooring.

Not very special. Only if you want to start the Cathar walk at the med. First walk of 27 km.

Tuchan lies in a plain and bordered to the west by Mont Tauch which at 900 meters dominates the town. It has always been productive but whereas you might at one time have seen flocks of sheep or goats wandering around and cereals being cultivated you can now only see varieties of vines like syrah, carignan, grenache, muscat all growing in orderly rows. The town lives off the grape and its current relative prosperity is due to the success of Fitou wine and the successful marketing by the Mont Tauch Co-operative.

The village at the foot of one of the most beautiful Cathar-castles: Chateau de Peyrepertuse : in the mounts and hills of the Hautes Corbières, Peyrepertuse stands out and above at 800 m high above the the garrigues (brushwoods). From the castle you look at the other phenomenal Cathar castle of Quéribus, only 5 km ahead.

On a place with a Breathtaking view on the Canigou mountain and the Gorges de Galamus, you could stay easily for another day.

You'll walk to the top of it Pech de Bugarach.

The program is an example of the itinerary we aim to adhere. If due to situations beyond our control the itinerary may be modified.

You walk on walking trails with good footpaths and tracks. You need to be used to walking and taking regular exercise to enjoy this holiday. There is between 4h30 and 6h00 effective walking each day. The ascents and descents are constant. There will be between 350m and 750m ascension per day.

You will have to carry a small backpack. The main luggage will be transported by taxis between the different hotels and guesthouses.

LODGING: In **hotels and chambres d’Hôtes in double or twin rooms

Carcassonne or Narbonne or the Med at Port la Nouvelle.

At the hotel in Quillan or Carcassonne.
Transfers to airport or Carcassonne are not included, but we can arrange for that.

We propose a independent walking formula without a guide. You choose your departure date and we will take care of all the rest. We transport your bags between the hotels, provide the maps and good walking notes.

Departs form 18h00 day 1 : every day all year round.


- From Toulouse it is 105 km by motorway to Carcassonne.

- By Train :
- There are regular trains from Toulouse or Montpellier to Carcassonne, Narbonne or Port-la-Nouvelle.

- by Air:
- Toulouse, Montpellier or Carcassonne.

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Walking holiday in Cathar Land

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