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Corsica walking and hiking trips

For all details of our walking and hiking trips in Corsica surf on the links below.

Mare à Mare Sud H12 6 - 9 days
Mare e Monti North H13 9 - 13 days
Corsica: Mare a Mare North-West H17 7 - 8 days

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Corsica is a mountain in the Sea. There are four classic walks in Corsica that snake around the foot of the massifs and lead through forests and villages offering breath-taking views over the mountain tops and out to sea. In all of them you will pass through a series of villages as well as the stunning landscapes that are a joy to discover .

The  Mare a Mare South   is a distinct favorite allowing you to enjoy all the contrasts and colours of the island. Starting from the gulf of Porto Vecchio on the East coast, the trail rises up through the mountains of the Alta Rocca region to arrive in Propriano on the West coast. This holiday would appeal to anyone that is used to walking regularly and is in good shape. With five days of easy to moderate walking you will discover the richness of the extreme south.

The  Heart of Corsica  is an opportunity to bathe in the perfumes, colours and contrasting landscapes that have earned Corsica it’s reputation. Jagged summits are ever present, towering above dominating the sky line.  The walks leads  through fragrant pine tree forests, alongside ever present, tumbling, clear emerald mountain torrents and rock pools, remote villages and chestnut forests.  You will start your walking at the very centre of the island, in Vizzavona. Here you can walk on the famed GR20, the long distance footpath that crosses the island via the highest peaks and most renowned beauty spots.  Through the region South of Corte,  known as the Venachese, an important pastoral area and there are plenty of trails that were once used by the shepherds, you continue on to the island’s historical capital, Corte.  There  is a university  and it’s the only main town that is not situated on the coast.  At the confluence of two magical gorges the Restonica and the Tavignano, Corte nestles at the foot of some fantastic mountains.  The  town is a joy to discover, artists, pottery workshops, street cafés, there is a vibrant atmosphere. 
Your holiday will come to an end back on the coast in Ajaccio.

The  Mare e Monti North  lets you enjoy all the contrasts and colours of the island.  It is one of the five classic walks in Corsica that snakes around the foot of the massifs, which leads through some lovely forests and villages.

Setting off from the Balagne you will head inland towards the high summits,  enticing views of sweeping bays, rocky creeks and glistening waters are forever present.  This holiday would appeal to  anyone that is used to walking regularly and is in good shape. With eleven days of easy to moderate walking you will discover the richness of Corsica and one of the most beautiful corners of the island.

Numerous pleasures are waiting  to be discovered, from the high airy mountain peaks of Bonifatu, the trail leads past the reserve of Scandola an area protected by Unesco and classed as a site of world beauty.   In the Gulf of Porto you stay in the unique little fishing village of Girolata which is accessible only by boat or  foot. 

The MEM north is available as a 13 days or as a 9 days trip, the 9 days trip available with dormitories or with standard ** chambres d'hôtes (one stay excepted). The 13 days walk has more dormitories included.




General information about Corsica


Transport on Corsica
How to Get to Porto Vecchio
Bus from Ajaccio, via Propiano (10H15) to Porto Vecchio
Bus ‘Eurocorse voyage’ tel: 04 95 21 06 30  Price: 26 euros p.p.
Departure from Ajaccio to Porto Vecchio from 16/09 to 30/06 at 8h30 or 16h00 except Sunday and bank holidays. 
From 1/07 to 15/09 at 8h00 or  15h00 during the week and 8h30 or  16h00 Sunday and bank holidays. The journey takes 3h30.

Bus from Propriano to Ajaccio
Bus Eurocorse Voyage tel: 04 95 21 06 30  Price: 1
3 euros app.
Depart from  Propriano to Ajaccio from 16/09 to 30/06 : 8h10 or 16h15 except Sunday and bank holidays.
From  1/07 to 15/09 at  8h10 / 9h55 / 15h45 / 16h15 during the week and 10h00 or 16h10 Sundays and bank holiday.
Bus Autocars Ricci tel: 04 95 51 08 19  Price:
12 euros app.
Depart from Propriano to Ajaccio from 1/01 to 31/12 : 7h15 except Sundays and bank holidays.    From 1/07 to the 15/09 : 9h15 daily

Busses from Propiano back to Porto Vecchio; last bus leaves at 16:30, arrival in Porto Vecchio at 18:00h

These walking tours have a variety of accommodations: hotels, chambres d'hôtes and gîtes with dormitories. See the description of the different tours for the details.

In hotels you'll have bathroom en suite (budget and standard package).
In chambres d'hotes you'll have private rooms and sometimes bathroom en suite (standard package).
In gîtes you will sleep in dormitories (4 - 7 beds), so sometimes together with other walkers (budget package).

June and September are the best months to walk on Corsica.

Practical information


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