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Corsica walking and hiking Mare à Mare North

Corsica walking & hiking trip: Mare à Mare North (H17)

Mare a Mare North - Comfort version

From Corte to Piana

Package: 8 days, 7 nights

Walking days: 6

-          7 nights on double room in 2* and 3*hotels and charming guesthouses

-          Luggage transfer everyday

-          4 Picnic lunches

-          2 dinners

Mare à Mare North
 7 days.  8 days.  8 days.
Day 1 (train to Venaco included).
Walk from Venaco to
Corte  B&B
Day 1
Ajaccio B&B
Day 1  (train to Venaco included).
Walk from Venaco to
Corte  B&B
Day 2
Sega (dormitory)
Day 2  (train to Venaco included).
Walk from Venaco to
Corte  B&B
Day 2
Sega (dormitory) HB
Day 3
Day 3
Sega (dormitory) HB 
Day 3
Calacuccia HB
Day 4
Day 4
Calacuccia HB 
Day 4
Verghio HB 
Day 5
Day 5
Verghio HB 
Day 5
Ota HB 
Day 6
Piana B&B
Day 6
Ota HB 
Day 6
Piana HB 
Day 7 Bus to Ajaccio
Overnight and bus not included.

End of the package after transfer to Ajaccio

Day 7
Piana HB 
Day 7
Bus to Ajaccio
Overnight included in Ajaccio
  Day 8 Bus naar Ajaccio
(Overnight not included)
End of the package after transfer to Ajaccio
Day 8
End of the package after breakfast
Price pp with 2p : € 777 Price pp with 2p : € 861 Price pp with 2p : € 872



Day 1 Corte
Arrival in Corte. Night in a 2* hotel, very well located, in city center. Not far from restaurants, pubs, museum of Corsica... .  

Day 2 Scala Santa Regina
After a short transfer from Corte, you will be in the heart of the Scala Santa Régina Gorges. The cliffs overlooking the Golo river offer splendid views. You will take an old mule path to your next stop, by the Calacuccia lake.
About 4 hours 15 minutes of walking.

Day 3 Waterfall and shepherd house of Radule
Beautiful walking day to the Verghio forest. You leave the Mare a Mare North to reach the Radule waterfall and shepherd house. Then using the world famous GR20 path, you walk to your hotel for the night. Numerous bathing possibilities in natural pools.
About 5 hours 55 minutes of walking.

Day 4 Aitone natural pools
Passing the Col de Verghio you will walk under the shade of endemic Lariccio pine trees toward the chestnut's capital of Corsica, Evisa. You will overlook the Aitone stream and its beautiful natural pools.
About 3 hours 40 minutes of walking.

Day 5 From Evisa to Porto through Ota
You will discover the heart of the Spelunca gorge and its famous genoese bridges. Later, the Ota village will welcome you for a rest before walking down to the marina of Porto.
About 5 hours 35 minutes of walking.

Day 6 Scandola reserve and Calanches of Piana
During this rest day in Porto, you might enjoy various activities such as boating, biking...
All means are good to explore the sumptuous Calanches of Piana and the Scandola natural reserve. And the beach is only a few metres away.

Day 7 From Porto to Piana
During this last walking day, you will walk along the sea before climbing up inland toward the Capu d'Ortu summit.
Then, you will enjoy the shade of the Palani with fantastic views on the Calanches of Piana.
You will then carry on to the centre of the Piana village.
About 3 hours and 50 minutes of walking.

Day 8 Piana

End of your trip after breakfast. You can take a bus to Calvi or Ajaccio.  


A wonderful itinerary for those who wish to enjoy the walk without having to carry a bag and being sure to have a hotel or guesthouse room available at the end of the day.
From the Scala Santa Regina, you will cross Calacuccia, Evisa, Ota, Porto to finally reach Piana.
Wonderful sceneries, proud inhabitants, history and culture will constantly surround you during this trip.


STARTING POINT: Ajaccio, Venaco or Corte


DEPARTURE DATES : Every day, from the end of May to the end of September (according to the weather).


For booking this tour,
please complete our booking form.


For supplementary nights in Corte
Hôtel de la Paix** : 0033 (0)4 95 46 06 72
Hôtel du Nord** : 0033 (0)4 95 46 00 68
Hôtel Les Jardins de la Glacière** : 0033 (0)4 95 45 27 00
Hôtel Dominique Colonna*** : 0033 (0)4 95 45 25 65



 How to travel to Corsica : 


Public transport in Corsica :

 Bus :

By Bus

Bus route Calvi, Ponte-Leccia, Bastia :

Bus Les beaux voyages tel : 0033 (0)4 95 65 11 35. Departures from 01/09 to 30/06 from Monday to Friday, except bank holidays, and from 01/07 to 31/08 from Monday to Saturday except bank holidays.

Duration of journey Calvi Ponteleccia 1h45 ; Calvi Bastia 2h15.

Bus route Ajaccio, Propriano, Porto - Vecchio :

Bus Eurocorse voyages tel : 0033 (0) Departures from 16/09 to 30/06 from Monday to Saturday except Sundays and bank holidays and from 1/07 to 15/09 every day.

Duration of journey Ajaccio Propriano 1h50 ; Ajaccio Porto - Vecchio 3h30.

Bus route Ajaccio, Vizzavona, Corte Ponteleccia, Bastia :

Bus Eurocorse Voyages tel : 0033 (0) Departures every day except Sundays and bank holidays. Duration of journey Ajaccio Corte1h45 ; Ajaccio Bastia 3 heures

 Train companies in Corsica :

Direction Bastia, Ponte Leccia, Corte Vizzavona, Ajaccio Direction Bastia, Ponte Leccia, Ile Rousse, Calvi

Ajaccio train station : 0033 (0)495 23 11 03 Bastia train station : 0033 (0)4 95 32 80 61 Calvi train station : 0033 (0)4 95 65 00 61 Corte train station : 0033 (0)4 95 46 00 97

For Booking this walk surf to our booking page.

General information about Corsica

Direct charter flights during the season from Gatwick and Heathrow offered by Air France, British Midland. Contact Holiday Options or Sky Marketing. Scheduled services via Paris.  You can also change at Montpellier or Nice for connecting flights.

By Boat
A high speed service BGV,  overnight ferries and semi-fast ferries offer a regular service to Ajaccio port.
SNCM Ferries - 61 Boulevard des dames - 13005 Marseille.
Departs from Marseille, Nice or Toulon.
Corsica Ferries, Moby Li nes, departs from Toulon, Nice and Italie.

transport on Corsica
How to Get to Porto Vecchio
Bus from Ajaccio to Porto Vecchio.
Bus ‘Eurocorse voyage’ tel: 04 95 21 06 30  Price: 28 euros p.p.
Depart from Ajaccio to Porto Vecchio from 16/09 to 30/06 at 8h30 or 16h00 except Sunday and bank holidays. 
From 1/07 to 15/09 at 8h00 or  15h00 during the week and 8h30 or  16h00 Sunday and bank holidays. The journey takes 3h30.

Bus from Propriano to Ajaccio
Bus Eurocorse Voyage tel: 04 95 21 06 30  Price: 13 euros app.
Depart from  Propriano to Ajaccio from 16/09 to 30/06 : 8h10 or 16h15 except Sunday and bank holidays.
From  1/07 to 15/09 at  8h10 / 9h55 / 15h45 / 16h15 during the week and 10h00 or 16h10 Sundays and bank holiday.
Bus Autocars Ricci tel: 04 95 51 08 19  Price: 12 euros app.
Depart from Propriano to Ajaccio from 1/01 to 31/12 : 7h15 except Sundays and bank holidays.    From 1/07 to the 15/09 : 9h15 daily

Busses from Propiano back to Porto Vecchio; last bus leaves at 16:30, arrival in Porto Vecchio at 18:00h

These walking tours have a variety of accommodations: hotels, chambres d'Hôtes and Gîtes with dormitories. See the description of the different tours for the details.

In hotels you'll have bathroom en suite (budget and standard package).
In chambres d'hotes you'll have private rooms and sometimes bathroom en suite (standard package).
In Gîtes you will sleep in dormitories (4 - 7 beds), so sometimes together with other walkers (budget package).

June and September are the best months to walk on Corsica.

Practical information

Extra nights: in Ajaccio

Hôtel** Le Kalliste:+334 95 51 34 45   51, Cours Napoleon Ajaccio tel. 0495 513 445
Hôtel** Le Dauphin : +334 95 51 29 96
Hôtel*** Albion : +334 95 21 66 70
Hôtel*** San Carlu : +334 95 21 13 84
Chambre d'Hôtes chez Madame Battini : +334 95 21 83 04

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