Family Cycling Tours in South of France Aveyron

Light and very light Cycling Tours in France

Max = 40 or 60 km a day. Number of days: every night an other hotel.

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Light Cycling Tours Accommodation Details
Round Larzac: Causses and Pays de Roquefort budget */** B05a
Family tour Kids 7-10 years, 20 kms a day.
Pays St. Affriquain and Tarn Valley. (Very light)
budget */** B00
Family tour Sud Aveyron standard ** B05b
Albi and Haute Vallée du Tarn standard ** B08
Gorges du Tarn standard ** B11
Aveyron Côté Sud **/* plus B01
Family tour Sud Aveyron **/* plus B06c
Gorges du Tarn
Cycling vacation
**/* plus B11
Les 3 Rivières Cycling family holiday **/* plus B13
Dordogne, Lot & Quercy
Light or very light (max 30km)
**/* plus B18
Family tour Sud Aveyron, Millau *** superior B06d
Gorges du Tarn *** superior B11
Dordogne, Lot & Quercy
Light or very light (max 30km)
*** superior B18
Luxury Gorges du Tarn ***/**** luxury B04L
Dordogne, Lot & Quercy
Light or very light (max 30km)
***/**** luxury B18

Family cycling holidays in South of France

Very light
Cycling Holidays
in France

Max 40km
almost flat

Cycling Holidays
in France

max 60km

Moderate holiday
Cycling Tours
in France

60-80 kms

Cycling Tours

in France

than hilly

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