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Cycling Holidays : Millau - Gorges du Tarn - Millau

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You trip will be in the three main areas of Tarn basin: Tarn valley, Pays de Roquefort and part of the Gorges and Causses, the canyons of the limestone plateau, most of all in Aveyron department. Click here for a virtual visit of Aveyron .

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Pictures of Canyons, Gorges and Causses

Pictures of Pays de Roquefort.

Roquefort-Le Combalou
Roquefort and Cirque de Tournemire

Pictures of Tarn Valley.

Walking or cycling the Canyons of the Grands Causses
Pays de Roquefort

This cycling tour can be a light one if you stay down in the canyons and valleys. But if you prefer biking up the plateau a moderate or even challenging tour can be made with daily distances of 60 to 90 kmand 1 to 4 climbs of 400m per day (rise increase of 7-9 degree, 400m. altitude difference, 4 - 7kmlong).

After some days in the Canyons, you will bike through the hilly environment of the Pays de Roquefort.
Sportsmen will bike to the Cirque de Navacelles. Past the abysses of the Larzac Méridional in Hérault departement you will see Templars towns and visit the Roquefort cheese caves.

Gorges du Tarn

Prices and details of this B11 tour in plus ** & *** accommodations.

This tour in the Grands Causses Natural park can also be booked as a standard** package or as a *** superior package.

Rates and details of the B11 tour in standard ** hotel accommodations.
Rates and details of the B11 tour in superior *** hotel accommodations.

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Itineraries Day stages Pricing

B11 plus packages Bags transfers included in basic rate. Basic rate: in € p.p. double room, sharing.
2024 BnB Dinners LunchesBasic rate Suppl. July-Aug Suppl. Single room Bike rental e-Bike rental
B11-plus   5 days 4 2 0 703 32 237 82 148
B11-plus   6 days 5 3 0 863 34 285 101 183
B11-plus   7 days 6 4 0 1041 39 356 120 212
B11-plus   8 days 7 5 0 1233 40 394 137 247
B11-plus   9 days 8 6 0 1382 46 465 152 289
B11-plus 10 days 9 7 0 1493 49 507 174 321

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Extra nights in BnB Dinner lunch Basic rate
single room
Millau *** La Capelle Yes No No 85 13 64 22 40
St. Chély du Tarn
** pool
Yes Yes No 83 4 44 22 40
Meyrueis ***
Grand Hotel de France
Yes Yes No 75 1 37 22 40
St. Jean-du-Bruel
**/*** pool
Yes Yes No 80 1 43 22 40
St. Jean d'Alcas
*** pool
Yes Yes No 88 5 62 22 40
St. Affrique Vern
**/*** pool
Yes Yes No 95 5 62 22 40
Brousse-le-Château ** Yes Yes No 75 1 35 22 40
La Jourdanie
Itival **/***
Yes Yes No 69 3 39 22 40
  • No lunches included. You can order at the hotel the evening before departure or else have lunch in a restaurant on the way.

  • Supplement for rooms with 2 beds: € 3 per night per room.

  • Solo all-in: add 78 % at basic rate. Supplement single room included, bike rental not included.

  • For booking this tour you go to our booking form .

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Discount p.p. for small groups and families
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Parties van 3 personen :   6 % p.p.
Parties van 4 personen : 11 % p.p.
Parties van 5 personen : 17 % p.p.
Parties van 6 personen : 13 % p.p.
Parties van 7 personen : 17 % p.p.
Parties van 8 personen : 20 % p.p.

Itineraries Day stages Pricing

Day by day program plus tours
Staying 5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days Program B11 plus 9 days package
Millau Hotel La Capelle ***
Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1
Arrival and overnight in Millau. If you like to bike some flat km, that's possible.
The tour today to get acquainted with the region and the bike will lead you along the Tarn Valley Westwards to St. Rome-de-Tarn and over the Causse du Larzac. (31 km)
St. Chély-du-Tarn
Day 2 Day 2 Day 2 Day 2 Day 2
You will bike the Tarn valley up to the Gorges (Canyons) du Tarn, the best known part of this canyon area. Huge walls, vultures and no climbing, unless you prefer to do so. Night in St. Chély-du-Tarn. Pool
(52 km)
Day 3 Day 3 Day 3 Day 3 Day 3
Today you leave the surroundings of the river Tarn and go to the east, to Meyrueis at the Westside of the Cevennes. The short variant passes by Le Rozier/ Peyreleau, and then trough the Gorges of the Jonte. If you’re lucky, you can admire the vultures, circling high above your head. In Le Truel it is worth the trouble to stop at the Belvedère des Vautours. This is a sort of museum/information centre about the re-introduction of the vultures in the Gorges. If you’re in for some more climbing, take the long variant and go and visit the Aven Armand on the Causse Méjean. (34, 51 or 61 km). Night in Meyrueis; pool.
St. Jean-du-Bruel
**/*** pool
  Day 4 Day 4 Day 4 Day 4
The day starts with a rather heavy climb, but that will be the biggest part of the work for today. With a small detour you can visit the subterranean river of Bramabiau or you can choose for the shortest way to Nant via the Gorges du Trèvezel. The route along the gorges is one of these very beautiful sites that make France so famous. Apart from that, the road only descends. You pass Cantobre, a village built on a rock and arrive in the lively village of Nant for the night stay.
The most challenging and beautiful stage is the 75 km long stage (1565m alt.) going up the slopes of the Mont Aigoual and cycling down some 24 beautiful kmto St. Jean du Bruel through the Gorges de la Dourbie.
(37, 62 or 75 km)
St. Jean d'Alcas
Moulin de Gauty ***
    Day 5 Day 5 Day 5
Today you will go up the Causse du Larzac with moonlike sceneries and visit the Templars town of La Couvertoirade. (68 or 75 km). Pool
St. Affrique
        Day 6
Today you will bike through the Sorgues valley or visit the Templars cities and Roquefort Cheese caves. Nice town.
(56 or 73 km). Night in St. Affrique *** pool.
      Day 6 Day 7
Today you will bike iin Tarn Valley. (33 or, 51 or 82 km). Night in Brousse-le-Château** pool. 9th and 13th century castle. Canoe in Broquiès
on your way possible.
La Jourdanie
** Itival
Today you will bike on the Levezou plateau. Option a light canoe trip in Tarn river. Homebase of La Ligne Verte
Millau Hotel La Capelle ***  
Day 4
45 km
Day 5
43 km
Day 6
55 km
Day 7
28 km
Day 8
28 km
Today you will go up the Levezou plateau and go back to Millau through the Tarn valley and cycle under the Millau viaduct
  Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9
Leave after breakfast

Itineraries Day stages Pricing

Cycling in South of France with La Ligne Verte
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Cycling Holiday

Max 40 km almost flat
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80-100 km Challenging

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