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Millau, Gorges du Tarn, Causses. Luxury Cycling Tour.

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This 5 to 8 days luxury cycling tour is an "Moderate" cycling tour. A light tour is available too. But if you keep cycling down in the canyons and valleys the trip is a light one. When biking up the plateau the tour becomes an Moderate or even Challenging tour with daily distances from 60 to 90 kms and with 1 to 4 climbs of 400 m per day (rise increase of 7-9 degree, 400m. altitude difference, climbs of 4 - 7 kms long). 

The scenery in the Gorges is rather spectacular.Gorges du Tarn at Roc Hourtous

See here for some Pictures of the Gorges du Tarn.


This tour starts and ends in Creissels or St.Rome-de-Tarn.  

From Millau Eastwards the Tarn river and its tributaries carved out 4 canyon like Gorges: Gorges de la Dourbie, Gorges de la Jonte, Gorges du Trèvezel and the most famous of all the Gorges du Tarn. These Gorges are at the heart ofthe most spectacular walking area of the Grands Causses Natural Parc. Steep crags of 400m and the typical scenery of limestone plateaux dissected by rivers.You'll  see the Grotte Rose of Dargilan, the unusual scenery of the Causses (Le Chaos de Montpellier le Vieux and Roques Altes).

In this part of  (Southern France, 'le midi' ) genuine countryside and 'La France profonde' still exist. A district with an extraordinary diversity of landscapes, that you will get to know when hiking and cycling through this far South part of the Massif Central: mountains, limestone plateaus (Causses), lush green valleys, roaring rivers (Tarn, Jonte, Dourbie, Lot, Aveyron, Dourdou). Lots of small villages here instead of large urban alras with dense population. Le Tourisme Vert (green tourism) as they say here. No fast food here, but the French cuisine, honest food in small family runned hotels where you will get a warm welcome.

La Ligne Verte has settled in a small village in the Valley of the Tarn, at 60 km from and halfway Millau and Albi in a nature park, the Parc Régional Naturel des Grands Causses in South-Aveyron. Château de la Caze

Aveyron is also a rich source of (ancient) culture: the district of Templars, medieval cloisters and places of pilgrimage. And modern art : the Musée Soulages in Rodez.

Apart from the cyclists and hikers, (fly-)fishing, above all a region for those who seek a rather unspoiled nature,  quiet and the views of mountains, valleys and karstic plateaus, called Causses.

From this bike tour B04 we propose a light and other versions too. Click here.

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Day distances below are minimum distances. Interesting stages can be adapted to 80 or 110 km a day.
All hotels have a pool.

B04   Stages Luxury packages 5 days 6 days 7 days  8 days
St. Affrique, le 1837**** SPA hotel day 1 day 1

Chateau de Creissels ****

day 1 day 1    
Château de la Muse et du Le Rozier ****
Minim 60km, maxim 75km
  day 2 day 2 day 2
**** Château de la Caze in the Gorges du Tarn
min. 47 or 62 km
day 2 day 3 day 3 day 3
**** Château de la Caze in the Gorges du Tarn
min. 47 or 62 km
      day 4
Meyrueis, Château d'Ayres ****,
First night: 64km
Second night: rest-day, light tour or
Mont Aigoual tough tour ( loop of 58 km)
day 3 day 4 day 4 day 5
Chateau de Creissels ****
minimum 27 km (from St.Rome-de-Tarn) or
minimum 52 km (from Meyrueis)
day 4 day 5 day 5 day 6
St. Affrique, le 1837**** SPA hotel
71 of 89 km
day 6 day 7
Leave after breakfast day 5 day 6 day 7 day 8

Packages Stages Prices

B 04   Luxury packages
Bags transfers included in basic rate. Basic rate: in € p.p. double room, sharing.
2020 B&B Dinners Lunches Basic rate
July - August
single room
 5 days  4  3  0 € 927 € 11 € 427 € 54 € 120
 6 days  5  3  0 € 1041 € 25 € 514 € 72 € 156
 7 days  6  2  0 € 1259 € 25 € 703 € 90 € 170
 8 days  7  2  0 € 1458 € 25 € 852 € 108 € 186

You can book this trip here

Extra nights B&B Dinner Lunch Basic rate
July - August
Supplement single room Bike rental e-Bike rental
St.Affrique  SPA Hotel le 1837 ****
Suite de luxe
 yes  no  no € 136 € 0 € 126 € 17 € 28
Chateau de Creissels ****

Grand Confort
 yes  yes  no € 130 € 0 € 77 € 17 € 28
Château de la Caze ****
Junior Suite
 yes  no  no € 160 € 0 € 139 € 17 € 28
Meyrueis Château d'Ayres ****  yes  yes  no € 159 € 11 € 113 € 17 € 28
Château de la Muse et du Rozier ****  yes  Yes  no € 101 € 13 € 84 € 17 € 28
Dinner in Chateau de la Caze is not included.
No lunches included. The price of a take-away lunch varies from 10 to 15 Euro. You can order at the hotel the evening before departure or else have lunch in a restaurant on the way.

Supplement for rooms with 2 beds: € 6 per night per room.
Solo all-in: add 74% at basic rate. Supplement single room included, bike rental not included.

For booking this tour please complete our booking form .

Discount on basic rate p.p. for small groups and families
See terms and conditions of group discounts
Parties of  3 persons :   5 % p.p.
Parties of  4 persons :   7 % p.p.
Parties of  5 persons :   8 % p.p.
Parties of  6 persons :   9 % p.p.
Parties of  7 persons : 10 % p.p.
Parties of  8 persons : 11 % p.p.

Packages Stages Prices

Châteaude la Caze


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B04-Moderate & Luxury Active Luxury *** and **** All details B04-Moderate&Lux

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