Aveyron La Ligne Verte

Light, standard** Family cycling tour

Pays Saint Affricain, Tarn and Dourdou Valley.

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Family cycling tour in South of France, Occitanie

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budget family cycling tour in Aveyron
Grands Causses VIDEO: https://www.tourisme-aveyron.com/fr

A light cycling tour along Tarn river through the friendly Valley of the Tarn.
Start and finish in St.Affrique.
You will ride partly on the old railway track that never got operational. The trip can be light because we will transfer you to the plateau du Lévézou, so you will have long distances where you will be freewheeling down and back to the valley and enjoy the beautiful views on the St. Affricain hills.


In Broquiès you stay in the guesthouse of frabs Bevort and La Ligne Verte.  You can rent here a canoe and swim with the children in Tarn river (an adventurous, but not dangerous trip of 2½ hours).
At the lake of Villefranche-de-Panat you can swim.

Suited for family's with children from age 8.
Two transfers to bridge elevation gains of more than 300m altitude are included.

Hotels and guesthouses in this trip are 2* average.
Maximum daily cycling distances: 18 miles, 40 km.

You can book extra nights (just for a rest day or a cycling loop around the town) in any hotel you wish.

Planning a tour with us

Tarn Valley between Brousse-le-Chateau and Broquies
The old railway bridge between Broquiès
and Brousse-le-Château.

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To get an impression of the scenery of this walk follow the link to the pictures and findhere  additional information .

Click here for some pictures of the scenery in Tarn Valley

How to travel to the Grands Causses

Google-map of the area

Itineraries Day stages Pricing

Standard **/*** packages.
Basic rate : in € p.p. double room sharing. Bags transfer, maps and GPX-files included.
2024 BnB Dinners Lunches Basic
Suppl. HS Suppl.
Single room
B00-light-stnd 5 days 4 2 0 549 10 168 52 127
B00-light-stnd 6 days 5 2 0 658 15 210 69 156
B00-light-stnd 7 days 6 3 0 776 17 248 86 177
B00-light-stnd 8 days 7 4 0 887 18 293 103 192
B00-light-stnd 9 days 8 4 0 1005 25 339 120 200

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Extra night BnB Dinner Lunch Basic Rate Suppl. HS Suppl.
Single Room
St. Affrique ** CapVert stnd Yes No No 71 3 40 17 32
Brousse-le-Château ** Yes Yes No 74 1 34 17 32
La Jourdanie Itival**/*** Yes Yes No 68 3 38 17 32
Villefranche-de-Panat-Amarante Yes No No 43 5 37 17 32
Castelnau Pégayrols **/*** pool stnd Yes Yes No 64 1 39 17 32
St. Rome-de-Tarn auberge double HP Yes Yes No 75 1 31 17 32
  • Basic rate: p.p. double room sharing

  • Take-away lunches are not included. You can order them at the hotel or the host the evening before.

  • Solo: add 71 % to basic rate, supplement single room included, supplement July-August and bike-rental not included.

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Discount on basic rate p.p. for small groups and families
See terms and conditions of group discounts

Parties van 3 personen :   6 % p.p.
Parties van 4 personen :   9 % p.p.
Parties van 5 personen : 10 % p.p.
Parties van 6 personen : 10 % p.p.
Parties van 7 personen : 11 % p.p.
Parties van 8 personen : 11 % p.p.

ROUTING (distances are minimum km)
Program Family budget tour
Pays St. Affricain and Tarn Valley
5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days

St. Affrique **
Arrival day. Short cycling circuit in Sorgues valley. Flat.

Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1

Brousse-le-Château **. Cycling through the Dourdou valley to the Tarn valley.
Visit of 2 castles. (St. Izaire and Brousse-le-Château).
31 km - flat

    Day 2 Day 2 Day 2

La Jourdanie Itival **/*** Chambre d'Hôtes near canoe base and natural pool in Tarn River.
20 flat km.  (to combine with a  canoe trip of 3 hours)

Day 2 Day 2 Day 3 Day 3 Day 3

Salles Curan ** (or Villefranche-de-Panat). At the lake.
A transfer up to the plateau is included: 20 kmcycling rolling.

Day 3 Day 3 Day 4 Day 4 Day 4

(guesthouse *** with a pool)

    Day 5 Day 5 Day 5

St.Rome-de-Tarn. You can go to a sand beach and do a trip on a boat in the Gorges des Raspes du Tarn.
30 km on the Lévézou plateau, rolling with a long descent and magnificent views on the Larzac Causse and the Cevennes.

  Day 4 Day 5 Day 6  

Millau *** BnB hotel 23 easy flat along the river Tarn or 42 km going up and down the Muse valley to the along the Tarn river. Ride under the Millau Viaduct.

        Day 6

St. Rome-de-Tarn *
15 km down to the valley. You can go to a sand beach and do a trip on a boat in the Gorges des Raspes du Tarn.

        Day 7

Cycling to St. Affrique ** (34 km; start with a soft ascent in the Gorges des Raspes du Tarn followed by a flat part and end with a descent.)
From Millau back to St. Affrique: 55 or 39 km.

Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8

Leave after breakfast

Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9

Itineraries Day stages Pricing

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Cycling in South of France with La Ligne Verte
Very light
Cycling Holiday

Max 40 km almost flat
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80-100 km Challenging