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Provence Haute Roya: Mountain to Sea Trail   H70plus- 2024

Nice - Tende - Menton - Côte d'Azur

Walking the Alps along the border of France and Italy

5 tot 9 days, first day option: visit or Nice.

Available between 01-03 and 15-11, not recommended in July and August, too hot!

Selfguided walking trip from hotel to hotel from Nice.

map haute roya

The trail to the sea

A nice walking holiday with cultural assets, non guided walking tour

5 to 9 days (3 - 7 nights) in small village-hotels

You can book this walk as a comfortable Plus**/*** package (you stay on this page) .

Almost every day you will have to do some short train transfers which are not included in the packages..

A forgotten path, even in wintertime beautiful, with all the orange-and lemon trees along the path heavy with fruit. The path goes down from the mountains to the sea, winding from one valley to the next, passing perched villages, pine trees and olive orchards. During a number of centuries, it was the main salt route, a important source or prosperity.

The path leads you along the "plus beaux villages perchés", the most beautiful high villages, of the Côte d'Azur and the surrounding country-side or Nice.


In this walk you will discover and admire the painted chapels and churches with altars painted by local painters of an interesting school, Les Primitifs Niçois.

The walk in three main lines
- An extraordinary heritage: the perched villages of the country side of Nice
- Well to do in the winter
- Beautiful trails, from the mountains down to the sea.

How to get there?

You are expected at night in La Brigue, the starting point orfthe walk, but we advise to start on a morning in Nice, spend your first day enjoying the treasures or the city, before you leave on car or train to La Brigue. La Brigue is at the railway line Nice-Cuneo. (if you want you can book a first night at BnB hotel in Nice (=extra night).

If you arrive by airplane, the airport is next to the historic centre or Nice and you can go to the railway station by bus 99.

The end of the walk is Menton. From here you can go to Nice by train to the railway station (Gare SNCF) and to the airport by bus.

There is a night-train connection from Paris to Nice.

Nice - Tende - Menton - Côte d'Azur
Walking the Haute Roya along the border or France and Italy
Not available in July and August.



Extra night BnBNice
Extra night BnBNice
Extra night BnBNice
Extra night BnBNice
Extra night BnBNice
Extra night BnBNice
  5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days
Day 1 Nice *** Hotel St. Dalmas de Tende
** Le Prieuré
St. Dalmas de Tende
** Le Prieuré
St. Dalmas de Tende
** Le Prieuré
Nice *** Hotel
Day 2 Sospel.***
Saorge**/*** Saorge**/*** St. Dalmas de Tende
** Le Prieuré
St. Dalmas de Tende
** Le Prieuré
Day 3 St.Agnès** Breil *** Breil *** Saorge**/*** St. Dalmas de Tende
** Le Prieuré
Day 4 Menton ***
orNice ***
Sospel .*** Sospel .*** Breil ***
Day 5 Leave after breakfast / end of package St. Agnès** St. Agnès** Sospel *** Breil  ***
Day 6   Leave after breakfast / end of package Menton***
or Nice ***
St. Agnès** Sospel ***
Day 7     Leave after breakfast / end of package Menton***
or Nice ***
St. Agnès**
Day 8       Leave after breakfast / end of package Menton***
or Nice ***
Day 9
        Leave after breakfast / end of package
Extra night booked by us in Menton mid season.
hotel *** BnB double room,. Price p.p. € 70
Extra night booked by us in Nice mid season.
hotel *** BnB Double room. Price p.p. € 70

Currency Converter

H70 plus **/ ***2024
Bags transfer included
BnB's Dinners Basic rate p.p.
in double rooms
with 1 large bed.
single room
5 days package
4 € 726 € 12 € 295
6 days package
5 4 € 880 € 13 € 356
7 days package
6 5 € 1013 € 20 € 412
8 days package
7 6 € 1131 € 28 € 467
9 days package
8 6 € 1255 € 58 € 567
  • Take-away lunches are not included. You can order them at the hotel or the host the evening before departure.

  • Solo all-in: add 78 % at basic rate. Supplement single room included, bike rental not included.

Discount p.p. for small groups and families on basic rate
See terms and conditions of group discounts

H70-plus package
Parties van 3 personen :   6 % p.p.
Parties van 4 personen :   9 % p.p.
Parties van 5 personen : 11 % p.p.
Parties van 6 personen : 11 % p.p.
Parties van 7 personen : 11 % p.p.
Parties van 8 personen : 12 % p.p.

The route (8 days)

The path follows mainly the famous "Route Royale", which was made by the lords or the Savoy to connect Nice with Piémot via the Col de Tende. The trail stays in the mountains, but never higher than 1200m, so it can be done in every season, even in wintertime.

Day 1 : Arrival in Nice. Visit or the town, evening train to and night in St.Dalmas de Tende

All day discovery or the city or Nice and its culture: (To visit the barok churches of Nice you'll have to be here on Sunday)
- Saint Pons church and chapel of the Miséricorde, Baroque masterpieces
- church of Gesu, example of early Baroque (17th century)
- the historic centre with its narrow streets and the hill of the castle
- the altarpieces in the monastery of Cimiez
- the Chagall museum,
- the Matisse museum,

Departure from Nice to St. Dalmas at the end or the afternoon, either with your car (80 km) or with train (this and all other train journeys are not included in the package).

Day 2 : Departure by train from St. Dalmas to Tende (leave at 8.57h, 12 minutes)

Route: from Tende to La Brigue, over the Col de Boselia (altitude 1111m). downhill to La Brigue and walk to Notre Dame des Fontaines and back. Elevation gains :+400m and -400m, length 5 hours.

To see in Tende:
- church with Baroque altar and Italian organ.
- medieval streets
- visit of the chapel of Notre Dame des Fontaines: the most frescos of the Alps (1492)

Walk back to La Brigue and walk or by the train back to Saint Dalmas for your second night.

Day 3 : Saint Dalmas-de-Tende - Saorge

Beautiful hike today, walking over so-called balcony paths along the Gorges of the Roya.

From Saint Dalmas to Fontan and to Saorge, via the perched villages or Granile and Berghe.
Difference in height: +400m, -700m, length : 5h30min

To see:

- Village or Saorge, a beautiful perched village
- The Baroque Franciscan monastery (17th and 18th century)
- The chapel or Notre Dame del Poggio (Roman apse, 11th century)
- The baroque church of Fontan
- Traditional architecture of Granile, one of the most beautiful mountain-villages of the Roya.

Day 4 : Saorge - Breil sur Roya

From Saorge and the Roya valley to Breil. A very nice and not too long track, but with some considerable climbing.
Difference in height: +300m and -600m, length: 5h

To see:

- In Breil sur Roya, one or the most beautiful Baroque churches in the country-side or Nice, and the organ from the 18th century)

Night in Breil sur Roya.

Day 5 : Breil sur Roya - Pine Haute - Sospel

No trains today. From Breil sur Roya to Sospel, via Pine Haute, by beautiful balcony paths and along olive orchards.
Elevation gains: +450m and -450m, length : 5h30 - 6h

To see:

- Piène Haute and its church (baroque dance of the death, danse macabre, from the 18th century)
- Toll bridge in Sospel (15th century)

Night in Sospel

Day 6 : Sospel - Ste Agnès

Leave by bus or taxi from Sospel to the Col de Castillon.
From the col de Castillon to Ste Agnès, via the summit or the Mont Ours (1239m).
Elevation gains: +550m and -500m, length 4h

To see:

- In the morning visit or the cathedral or Sospel (baroque décor and altarpieces by the Primitives de Nice)
- Pay special attention to the military defences from the end of the 19th century and 1936-1940 (Maginot line of the Alps), the village of Ste Agnès above the sea and her enormous subterranean fort, part of the Maginot line.

Night in Ste. Agnès

Day 7 : Ste Agnès - Menton

Freewheeling, or almost to the sea! Beautiful walk through pine woods till Castellar, then descent to the historic Menton and its old harbour.

From Ste Agnès to Castellat, via the path of the "Balcons de la Côte d'Azur".
Elevation gains : +200m and -500m, length 3h
From Castellar to Menton via le Baousset.
Elevation gains : -350m, length 1h30
In all 4h30

To see:

- Castellar and the chapel of Saint Sébastien
- The historic Menton and the baroque church St Michel
- The small museum Jean Cocteau, near the harbour or Menton,

No transfers today.

Day 8 : Menton (or Nice) , leave after breakfast.

Degree of difficulty : average.

Hike of average degree of difficulty, accessible for anyone experienced in mountain walking.

Every day luggage transfer. Average length: 5 h

Signposted paths. Average elevation gains: +500m

Maximum altitude: 1240m, Average altitude for the nights: 700m

Particular difficulties: The Côte d'Azur, near the Italian border, is not a hilly region, but very mountainous, with a typical alps relief.

The season

The late autumn with its colors and the early spring with all the flowers are without any doubt the most pleasant periods to walk. During the winter it sure is much colder, but dry and very sunny.

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