Light Cycling holidays in South of France

La Ligne Verte
Hotel based, selfguided cycling tours in South of France.

Self-guided light cycling holidays on the back-roads of South of France in small Hotels and Chambres d'Hôtes

Light Cycling Tours in France

These light cycling tours of La Ligne Verte are designed for holidaymakers who first of all want to have enough time to visit all the interesting places and have time to stop on the way for a pause. Daily distances will not exceed 60 km and cycling time will be no more than 4 to 5 hours a day.
These tours are also well suited for families with some older children, with enough opportunities to stop for a swim in a river or lake or have a canoe trip.

Level 1 and 2 , occasionally 3 (of 7) : mostly flat and rolling with some small short climbs.

Every night an other hotel; you can book extra nights in any of the hotels.

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Light Cycling Tours
Family tour Kids 7-10 years,
Pays St.Affriquain and Tarn Valley. 20 kma daybudget **
5 - 9 days   B00
Down in the Gorges of the Tarn standard **
5 - 8  days   B04 light
Light cycling down in the Gorges of the Tarn standard **
5 - 8  days   B04 light
Provence cycling tours
Luberon - Vaucluse - Mont Ventoux standard **
6-10 days   B17
Canal du Midi standard **
6-8 days   B56
Cathar routes, Aude, Pyrénées
Light to Moderate tours standard **
6-10 days   B57
Aveyron Côté Sud **plus***
5 - 9 days   B01
Down in the Gorges of the Tarn **plus***
6 - 8 days   B04 light
Family tour Sud Aveyron **plus***
6 - 8 days   B06c
Plaisance-Albi-Cordes-Plaisance  **plus***
5 - 8 days   B07P
Pays de Cathares et de Bastides **plus***
6 - 9 days   B07
Provence cycling tours. Start in Cavaillon
Luberon - Vaucluse - Mont Ventoux **plus***
6-10 days   B17cav
Dordogne, Lot & Quercy **plus***
6 - 8 days   B18
Aveyron Côté Sud superior ***
5 - 9 days   B01
Down in the Gorges of the Tarnsuperior ***
6 - 8 days   B04 light
Family tour Sud Aveyron superior ***
6 - 7 days   B06d
Pays de Cathares et de Bastides
Luxury Cycling Tour superior ***/****
6 - 9 days   B07
Plaisance-Albi-Cordes-Plaisancesuperior ***/****
5 - 7 days   B07P
Cycling tour Mont Ventoux and Luberonsuperior ***/****
6 - 8 days   B17-light
Canal du Midi superior ***
6-8 days   B56
Dordogne, Lot & Quercy Cycling toursuperior ***
6 - 8 days   B18
Provence, Luberon, Vaucluse
Cycling holiday luxury **** & ***
6 - 8 days   B17 light
Luxury Gorges du Tarn
Cycling vacation luxury **** & ***
5 - 9 days   B04 light
Luxury Pays de Bastides / Albi
Cycling vacation luxury **** & ***
5 - 14 days   B07
Dordogne, Lot & Quercyluxury**** & ***
6 - 8 days   B18
Camargue and Alpillesluxury**** & ***
6 - 8 days   B61

cycling holidays in South of France Auvergne-Aubrac / Cathar Albi-Bastides Cycling in Tarnvalley, Millau and the Grands Causses Dordogne Valley and Lot Causse du Quercy Cycling in Provence Cycling on Corsica

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Very light Cycling Tours in France


Light cycling Tours in France
All tours on this page

max 60 km

Moderate Cycling Tours in France

60-80 km

Light cycling tours in Occitanie, Provence, Dordogne Valley, Corsica and Cathar country.

Our services,
You get .....

Occitanie, our home-base in France: The Grands Causses Nature Park in Aveyron. in Tarn Valley, the Gorges du Tarn, Pays de Roquefort. Cycling in Grands Causses Aveyron.

Surprise, discovery, unexpected!

A virtual visit here of Aveyron & Grands Causses in Occitanie.

map millau cycling in France

Find some pictures of the region around Millau here:

Gorges and Causses

Valley of Tarn River

Pays de Roquefort

Albi and Pays de Bastides

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Light Cycling Tours in South of France

Our homebase in Occitanie: Grands Causses, Gorges de Tarn.
Light cycling in Provence, Corsica and Dordogne.
Cycling and hiking tours in Southern France

La Ligne Verte is a local, family operated company dedicated to a personalized and customized approach of activity tourism since 1992 in Southern France.
We're on the spot all year and work exclusively in the South of France, which by now we have come to know very well.
As locals, we know every site, every back-road, every detail that will make a big difference between the standard tours proposed by some international touroperators and our local, personalized and customized tours. We will help you to discover wonderful remote places and savour the essence of the hidden treasures and the highly preserved local cultures. Tours are really splendid and guarantee an unique experience.
We are a small organization not working on an allotment base and so we can receive you in small, characteristic hotels in remote places which only locals come to know.

Years of cooperation with local suppliers, hotel keepers, taxi drivers, local Offices de Tourisme (Comité Départemental de Tourisme (CDT) de l'Aveyron) and designers and maintenance workers of walking trails, resulted in our Southern France network.
As direct seller and E-touroperator, working with the same hotels as British and American tour operators operating in the same area as we do, we can quote competitive rates and still have an outstanding personalized service. Especially for Parties van 3 and more personen we have rather attractive small group discounts.

We don't have brochures to send to you and no extensive back-offices, but we are on the spot, all year to give assistance when needed. We communicate mainly by this website and by email, but we can also phone you, if you prefer. If you need more info   than this website provides or if you want tailored information we will send it to you by email.
Our service and flexibility are the very best you can get.

We love travel and adventure but we also love perfect organization : every detail is checked, every thing is done so that all works out for the best.

This part of France is big enough for a great holiday. We are small enough to stay in touch with you.

Contact (email)
Phone: +31 636 331 294

With La Ligne Verte you will get the commitment and service of a local, owner operated, tour operator. A direct seller, working primarily with local, family-run hotels (from 4 to 30 rooms category *, ** and *** ) to ensure you get an attractive, cycling or walking hiking holiday, the French way of life and "Vacances à la Carte" on beautiful hiking and walking trails or the enjoyable roads for your biking holiday trip. You'll benefit from our network we built the last 10 years, from our direct selling rates and above all from our personalized and customized tours without any extra charges: no hidden prices, supplements, reservation costs etc.

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Selfguided  Walking and  Cycling holidays in Southern France.