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The Albi - Millau Walk through Tarn Valley

Long stages: daily walks 16 - 24 km

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The Albi - Millau Walk in Tarn Valley, walking holiday in Occitanie

A 5 to 10 days walk with long stages through the friendly valley of the Tarn.
These walks are hotel basedhikes for experienced walkers. The walk starts in Albi and ends in Millau. You can go back to Albi by bus.

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The pink city of Albi (UNESCO World Heritage) nestles on the River Tarn's banks, dominated by its magnificent cathedral whose fortifications are testimony to more turbulent times during which Albi and surrounding settlements such as Ambialet were attacked first as part of the crusades to suppress the Cathar heresy and later in the Wars of Religion. As you follow the course of the river Eastwards on wooded hills and along mellow stone-work villages in Tarn Valley, you discover the valley unspoiled and full of cultural interest. Staying in comfortable hotels, you will discover the distinctive, rich cuisine of the region, and its excellent wines, such as the flinty Gaillac whites.

Viaduc de Millau walking holiday Tarn Valley with La Ligne Verte
Millau Viaduc

Terrain: riverside tracks and woodland paths
Daily stages up to 24 km with bags transfer.
Altitude: 200 - 600m
Hotels: 2** and 3*** hotels (standard packages)
Climate: this southern region enjoys a lovely Mediterranean climate, with a hot summer and warm spring and autumn. Temperatures average 19C in May and October, 25C in June and September, and 27C in the height of summer.

P ictures of Tarn valley : Haute Vallée du Tarn and Gorges des Raspes du Tarn.

Starting point: Albi. The hotel is located in centre of town at just one minute walk from the main sights.

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walking holiday from Albi

ALBI is a beautiful, midi (southern) town along the Tarn river. With its beautiful lively orange-red brick old streets, alike Toulouse, from which it is only 75 km away, its cathedral, of the times of the Cathars and its Museum Toulouse Lautrec it is a perfect start and end for a cultural, gastronomic and Moderate (walking as well as cycling) vacation.

walking holiday tarn valley with La Ligne Verte

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Packages Day stages Prices

Hotels and schedule W35 stnd package 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days 10 days
Albi ** d 1 d 1 d 1 d 1 d 1
Ambialet *** pool d 2 d 2 d 2 d 2 d 2
Villeneuve sur Tarn **
indoor pool
d 3
Brousse-le-Château** d 3 d 3 d 3 d 3 d 4
Le Truel ** or Broquiès
Canoe base
d 4 d 5
St. Affrique ** d 4 d 4 d 4 d 5 d 6
St. Rome-de-Tarn *** Pool d 5 d 5 d 6 d 7
Castelnau Pégayrols
**/*** Pool
d 6 d 7 d 8
Millau ** B & B d 5 d 6 d 7 d 8 d 9
Leave after breakfast d 6 d 7 d 8 d 9 d 10

Packages Day stages Prices

Tracks H35-standard package
Day stages with longer stages. Walking grade 3 (of 7).
Albi - Marsal - Ambialet
The day starts with a short transfer out of the city. The route then leads along the south bank of the river, through hamlets and woodland along tracks and country lanes that echo the twists and turns of the river. After a short but quite stiff ascent towards the end of the day, you are rewarded with superb views of the river.
Elevation gains: 3 times 200m+ and 200m-.
Accommodation: Hotel du Pont (**), Ambialet. Located by the bridge into the village, with gardens leading down to the water's edge, this friendly, comfortable hotel has been run by the same family for over two centuries.
16 km
Ambialet - Villeneuve sur Tarn - Plaisance
The walk leads across rolling countryside of open fields and woodland in the valley of the Tarn and the valley of the Rance. Lunch possible in restaurant half way.

Accommodation: Les Magnolias (***, pool).
Positive elevation gains 200m
25 km
Ambialet Transfer to Villeneuve-sur-Tarn. Walking to Brousse-le-Château
Walk along Rance River to Plaisance. Here you can have lunch in a ** or a *** restaurant, The route leads across rolling countryside of open fields and woodland to Coupiac (medieval castle you can visit). There are lovely views of the Châteauas you approach your destination, the delightful village of Brousse-le-Château, and reach the Tarn once more.

Accommodation: Relays du Chasteau (**), Brousse-le-Château. This pretty auberge has been run by the same family for several generations and its restaurant is popular with the locals.
Positive elevation gains 500m
18 or 25 km
Brousse-le-Château(or Broquiès) - transfer to St.Izaire walk to St.Affrique
In Pays St.Affricain, along Dourdou river and the first limestone plateaus (Avant causses) you walk to a nice mediterranean town with a renowned market on Saturday morning and Thursday (only July and August). Views on the Grands Causses Nature park and the Cevennes Mountains.
Elevation gains: twice 200m+ and 200m-
Accommodation: ** hotel in nice small town at Sorgues river.
16 or 23 km
Brousse-le-Château> Le Truel
On the North bank in the Gorges of the Raspes du Tarn with splendid views on the Grands Causses Nature park and the Cevennes Mountains.
Elevation gains: 300m+ and 300m-
Accommodation: ** hotel with a pool (june-september) at a canoe base (may-October) on Tarn River.
12 or 23 km
St.Affrique - St. Rome de Tarn
Views from a mountain edge in Avant Causses on the Grands Causses Nature park and the Cevennes Mountains.
Elevation gains: 200m+ and 200m-
Accommodation: ** hotel with pool. Possibility of canoe trip in July and August.
15 or 18 km
St. Rome de Tarn - Castelnau Pégayrols

On the North bank with splendid panaoramas on the Grands Causses Nature park and the Cevennes Mountains.
Elevation gains: 400m+
Accommodation: ** hotel with pool at river side.Possibility of canoe trip in July and August.
17 or 23 km
Castelnau Pégayrols
- Millau.
In the footsteps (fossiled) of dinosaurs you walk towards the Viaduct of Millau and down to Millau at the Tarn.
Elevation gains: -400m + and 100m-
Accommodation: 2** B & B hotel .
19 km
St. Affrique (transfer to St.Rome-de-Tarn) or St. Rome-de-Tarn to Millau
Walk along the river bank and under the Millau viaduct to Millau and the waterfall of Creissels.
Elevation gains: 100m+ and 100-
Accommodation: ** B & B hotel .
10 or 22 km

Packages Day stages Prices

long walks
Basic rate in € p.p. in double room sharing.
Bags transfer maps and written route instructions included
2021 B & B's Dinners Basic rate p.p.:
2p sharing room
1-person room
6 days 5 3 € 612 € 6 € 185
7 days 6 4 € 707 € 6 € 219
8 days 7 5 € 815 € 6 € 257
9 days 8 6 € 907 € 6 € 287
10 days 9 7 € 1022 € 7 € 326
14 days 13 10 € 1399 € 7 €433

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Extra nights B & B Dinner Rate p.p. 2 p sharing room Supplement
Albi St. Clair B & B** yes no € 48 € 0 € 36
St. Affrique ** Pont Neuf yes yes € 65 € 2 € 38
Castelnau Pégayrols
**/*** pool
yes yes € 60 € 0 € 36
Millau *** La Capellen yes no € 42 € 4 € 20
  • Not included: Lunches.

  • Solo packages: add 64 % to "basic rate p.p. double sharing room" (single room suppl. included; not included suppl. July/Aug and bike rental).

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Parties of 5 persons : 15 % p.p.
Parties of 6 persons : 16 % p.p.
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Parties of 8 persons : 18 % p.p.

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