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Provence Cycling Tours Luxury **** packages.

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Cycling Tour : Vaucluse, Mont Ventoux and Luberon.
You will see the main attractions of this part of Provence and make a tour around or on top of the Mont Ventoux if you want.

Start in l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.
We recommend you avoid cycling out of Avignon and start cycling at l'Isle sur la Sorgue or Cavaillon.

We organize this tour with day stages to **** hotels you can choose yourself. 
Rates of rooms can vary from €150 to €400, so we will make a tour according to your budget. If there is some places/hotels you want to be, we'll organize your tour according.

Packages of  5 - 8 days in luxury resorts and hotels.
Luxury resorts and hotels don't have standard rooms and rates and when they apply yieldmanagement neither fixed rates over time. So we will make your package according to your planned budget as to the hotel rooms. Average room-rates p.p. including breakfast with 2 persons sharing room will vary from €100 to €200 per person per night.
A 5 day package is a 4 nights stay with 3 days effective cycling (the first day being the day of arrival after noon (or for dinner), the last day being the day of departure after breakfast.

Light, Active or Athletic holiday cycling tours.
Active or even athletic tour, you tell us, we adapt your stage accordingly.

  • Self guided cycling hotel-tour with baggage transfer.

  • Bags transfers included.
  • Not included: Dinners and Lunches. We'll reserve a table, but dinner will not be included in the package.
  • Not included in basic rate: Bike rental.
  • Important group discounts for parties of  3 persons to 8 persons.
  • Bike and oenotourism: We offer this cycling trip with a wineries program too.

Find here some pictures of the scenery

5 to 9 days, starting in Avignon. The Mont Ventoux in Vaucluse and Drome departments will be your campanion all along your trip. This huge mountain hides splendid places. Provencal villages as well as beautiful nature. This cycling tour is medium or heavy if you would choose to climb the Mont Ventoux. Les Dentelles de MontmirailAvignon the cultural center of Provence, (street) theatre, music, a place of and for artists. Vaison-la- Romaine (60,000 Romans lived there 2000 years ago as you will see by yourself).

Vaison has a medieval old city and famous market on tuesday morning.

You be cycling through Cote du Rhone Villages-wineyards all along your trip north of the Mont Ventoux.

You will cycle the canyon of the Gorges de la Nesque at the Southern side of the Mont Ventoux. You'll visit Abbaye de Senanque.

On last day you will bike to the Luberon and see the famous surging river Fontaine de Vaucluse where Petrarca  wrote his poems.


The track and the stages.

If you are flying in to Marseille you can take a train to l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Cavaillon or Avignon at the railway station of Vitrolle near the airport. It is only 90 minutes from the Airport of Marseille to Avignon.

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Packages Stages Prices

Luxury Cycling Tours Provence, Luberon & Mont Ventoux

B16 Luxury Luxury package. Basic rate: in € p.p. in double room, sharing. Bags transfers included.
2018 B&B Dinners Lunches Basic rate
low estimation
Suppl. single room
low estimation
Bike rental e-Bike rental
B16 5 days 4 1 0 1311 62 757 72 123
B16 6 days 5 1 0 1640 147 1040 88 156
B16 7 days 6 1 0 1973 178 1242 105 185
B16 8 days 7 1 0 2237 178 1374 126 216
B16 9 days 8 2 0 2408 178 1467 140 245

Contact about this tour.

Price are indicative. Standard rooms if present may not be available.

Discount p.p. for groups and families
See terms and conditions of group discounts

Parties of  3 persons :   5   % p.p.
Parties of  4 persons :   7   % p.p.
Parties of  5 persons :   8   % p.p.
Parties of  6 persons :   9   % p.p.
Parties of  7 persons :   10 % p.p.
Parties of  8 persons :   10,5 % p.p.



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Packages Stages Prices


B16 Stages of the luxury packages ( Some possible hotels) B16
Avignon, Hotel d'Europe day 1 day 1 day 1 day 1
St.Rémy-de-Provence ***** Le Vallon de Valrugues SPA     day 2 day 3

L'Isle sur la Sorgue, La Maison sur la Sorgue

day 2 day 2 day 3 day 3
Vaison-la-Romaine ***  Le Beffroi day 3 day 3 day 4 day 4
Sault ***  Val de Sault       day 5
Crillon-le-Brave ****  Hostellerie de Crillon-le-Brave   day 4 day 5 day 6
Avignon, Hotel d'Europe day 4 day 5 day 6 day 7
End of package after breakfast day 5 day 6 day 7 day 8

Packages Stages Prices

Track details

B16 Details  day program 8 days tour Cycling distances Elevation gains luxury hotels
day 1 Arrival in Avignonl'Isle sur la Sorgue 0 km 0 m ***** Hotel d'Europe
day 2 Cycling to St.Rémy-de-Provence 35 km
65 km
- 100m
- 400m
*****  Hotel Vallon de Valrugues
day 3 Cycling  via Gordes and Senanque to  l'Isle sur la Sorgue 60 km
75 km
- 346m
- 398m
****  Maison l'Isle sur la Sorgue
day 4 Cycling to Vaison-la-Romaine *** 45 km
71 km
- 100m +100m
- 100m +100m
*** Hotel Beffroi,  Vaison-la-Romaine
day 5 Via Nyons and  Buis-les-Baronnies to Sault ***


Via the Mont Ventoux to Sault

43 km


85 km


**** Hostellerie Val de Sault
day 6 Through the Gorges de la Nesque and via the Gorges to Crillon-le- Brave ****

Via the Mont Ventoux to Crillon Brave

45 km

83 km

60 km

- 280m
- 500m
- 1600m
**** Hostellerie Crillon-le-Brave
day 7 Cycling to Avignon ***** via Fontaine de Vaucluse. 57 km
73 km
- 280m
***** Hotel d'Europe
day 8 End of the package after breakfast     Leave after breakfast






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