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          2-week Hotel Tour de Tarn & Aveyron



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13 days

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A 2-week Hotel Cycling Tour-de-Tarn & Aveyron

  • 9 to 12 days cycling tours starting from Albi towards the Bastides of Cordes, Najac and Villefranche de Rouergue. And then to the valley of the Tarn and the Millau viaduct in Parc des Grand Causses. Start and finish in Albi.

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  • Self guided cycling hotel-tour with baggage transfer for family and kids 14 years old.

  • Average 60 - 90 km a day, active level.

  • You can start this tour any day of the week between March 15th and October 31th.
  • Start and end in Albi. Finish in an other town to discuss.

  • Bags transfers included.

  • Not included: Lunches. Price of lunches (take away picknicks) : 8 - 12 EURO.

  • Not included in basic rate: Bike rental.

  • Very interesting group discounts for parties of 3 persons to 8 persons.

  • Included: all luggage transfers.

  • A superior version you'll find here.


Albi, UNESCO World Heritage Centre.
Albi, Toulouse-Lautrec Museum
Albi, Lapérouse Museum.
Albi, Cathedral Ste Cécile.

Your trip starts and ends in Albi. This is a long tour, "sporting" or "active" as you wish. You'll get day stages of daily average 65 - 90 km and more than 90 km if you want to do a "sporting" tour.

Albi is a beautiful,Albi market Southern, Italian like town along the Tarn river. With its famous architecture, alike Toulouse, from which it is only 75 kms away, its cathedral, of the times of the Cathar and its Museum Toulouse Lautrec it is a perfect start and end for a family cycling holiday. Restaurants and hotels in this trip are of excellent quality.

You will be cycling daily 25 km average through the friendly Valley of the Tarn.
Near Broquiès you can make a canoe trip. In Albi you will stay in a B&B Hotel**.

Albi, UNESCO World Heritage Centre.
On the banks of the Tarn river in south-west France, the old city of Albi reflects the culmination of a medieval architectural and urban ensemble. Today the Old Bridge (Pont-Vieux), the Saint-Salvi quarter and its church are testimony to its initial development (10th -11th centuries). Following the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathar heretics (13th century) it became a powerful episcopal city. Built in a unique southern French Gothic style from local brick in characteristic red and orange colours, the lofty fortified Cathedral (late 13th century) dominates the city, demonstrating the power regained by the Roman Catholic clergy. Alongside the Cathedral is the vast bishop’s Palais de la Berbie, overlooking the river and surrounded by residential quarters that date back to the Middle Ages. The Episcopal City of Albi forms a coherent and homogeneous ensemble of monuments and quarters that has remained largely unchanged over the centuries.

Winding river valleys, empty roads with just the occasional tractor. Gorgeous Gaillac wines,  the culture and old city of Albi, with its museums and art galleries and its markets. Albi is the perfect start of a  holiday. Rolling countryside, with half-timbered houses and the walled 'bastides' that go back to the time of the Plantagenet Kings, will be the secenery in the first part of this trip in the Tarn province. Easy to escape city stress meandering back roads and not see a soul for hours. Najac
After a easy hilly start in Tarn department you come in Aveyron and the Gorges and Causses. Past Millau and its beautiful viaduct you'll get into the canyons and the Gorges du Tarn. Through the Pays de Roquefort and Templars cities (10-12th century) you'll leave the times of crusaders through the Larzac and its moonlike landscapes only haunted by shepherds and their sheep preparing your Roquefort dish, the probable end of many a dinner. Through Tarn valley you'll come back in Albi.

Restaurants and hotels are all of excellent quality.
dinners are included except in Albi,  where you will stay in a B&B hotel on first and last day.

  • Surf on the links below for more pictures of this trip.
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Click on the links below for some pictures of this cycling tour.

Pictures of Canyons, Gorges and Causses

Pictures of Pays de Roquefort.

Pictures of Tarn Valley.

Pictures of Albi and bastides area.

Packages Day programs Prices

B09  plus packages   Bags transfers included in basic rate. Basic rate: in  €  p.p. double room, sharing.
2017 B&B Dinners Lunches Basic rate
p.p. double
room sharing
single room
   9 days  8  6  0  € 1330  € 190  € 2145  € 112
 10 days  9  7  0  € 1427  € 220  € 2268  € 126
 12 days  11  9  0  € 1662  € 256  € 2624  € 154
Lunches are not included.

Discount p.p. for small groups and families See terms and conditions of group discounts
Parties Plus
Parties of  3 persons p.p. 10 %
Parties of  4 persons p.p. 15 %
Parties of  5 persons p.p. 18 %
Parties of  6 persons p.p. 20 %
Parties of  7 persons p.p. 22 %
Parties of  8 persons p.p. 23 %

Packages Day programs Prices

Tour de Tarn  & Aveyron       B09: 9,10 or 12 days

We provide route descriptions of stages 60 to 90 km daily

Plus package   Minimum Distances Plus package   Minimum Distances Plus package   Minimum Distances
9 days     10 days     12 days    
Albi ** day 1    0 km Albi ** day 1    0 km Albi ** day 1    0 km
Najac **/*** day 2  61 km Najac **/*** day 2  61 km Najac **/*** day 2  61 km
Ambialet *** day 3  75 km Ambialet *** day 3  75 km Ambialet *** day 3  75 km
St. Rome-de-Tarn *** day 4  80 km St. Rome-de-Tarn *** day 4  57 km St. Rome-de-Tarn *** day 4  80 km
      Creissels *** day 5  30 km Creissels *** day 5  30 km
            St.Chély-du-Tarn ** day 6  56 km
Meyrueis ** day 5  64 km Meyrueis ** day 6  46 km Meyrueis ** day 7  46 km
            St. Jean-du-Bruel **/*** day 8  62 km
Cornus ** day 6  70 km Cornus ** day 7  82 km Cornus ** day 9  42 km
St.Affrique ** day 7  38 km St.Affrique ** day 8  38 km St.Affrique ** day 10  38 km
Albi ** day 8  88 km Albi ** day 9  88 km Albi ** day 11  88 km
Leave after breakfast day 9   Leave after breakfast day 10   Leave after breakfast day 12  

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