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Corsica Selfguided  cycling tour

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7  -  12 days cycling-packages in North of Corsica 

superior ***   packages

Hotels ***/**** and Chambres d'hôtes



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Of this tour a  **plus  package is available too.

From Cap Corse to the Castagniccia and Marana

Independent cycling circuit Duration: 7 days to 12 days


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Stages B82-sup packages 7 days
8 days
9 days
Bastia Day 1 Day 1 Day 1
St.Florent Day 2 Day 2 Day 2
Monticello Day 3 Day 3 Day 3
Galeria     Day 4
Porto-Ota     Day 5
Callacuccia     Day 6
Feliceto   Day 4  
Lama Day 4 Day 5 Day 7
Campana Day 5 Day 6  
Lucciana Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
Leave after breakfast Day 7 Day 8 Day 9

Rates superior packages:    (link to **plus packages)


B82   sup    2018
ags transfer included
B&B's Dinners Lunches Basic rate p.p.:
2p sharing
7 days         Superior *** 6 5 0  € 1186  € 16  € 468  € 100
8 days         Superior *** 7 5 0  € 1348  € 33  € 549  € 120
9 days         Superior *** 8 5 0  € 1480  € 32  € 517  € 140

Discount p.p. for groups and families
See terms and conditions of group discounts
Parties of  3 persons :       5 % p.p.
Parties of  4 persons :       8 % p.p.
Parties of  5 persons :       9 % p.p.
Parties of  6 persons :     10 % p.p.
Parties of  7 persons :     11 % p.p.
Parties of  8 persons :     12 % p.p.

The price includes: The transfer of the luggage, nights in double rooms in inns, hotels or guesthouses.

This price does not include: Transfer to the meeting point and to the drop off point, the transfer not planned in the program, the meals, the bikes, the insurances, drinks, the visits of sites, the optional activities and the personal expenses.

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PROGRAMME of the 7 days tour.

Day 1 –Bastia
Your tour starts in Bastia at your hotel in the afternoon. Time to discover the capital of the Upper-Corsica. The old port is superb as well as the freely accessible citadel and the old city which offers a superb panorama on the sea and the neighbourhoods. For dinner, we advise you the old port with its particular atmosphere.

If you arrive by boat the hotel is at 150m. From the airport you can take the shuttlebus (€10) or taxi (€22).
Night at the hotel in Bastia.

Day 2 – From the Cape to the Gulf of Saint-Florent.
According to the chosen route, you will be able to discover the village of Patrimonio, famous in the whole Corsica for its vineyards. Tastings are possible in the cellars of the village. This route offers superb point of views on the Gulf of Saint-Florent. In Saint-Florent, do not fail to visit the citadel and to stroll around the port and its small commercial streets.

Riding Distances: approximately 22kms, 41kms or 46kms.
Night stay at Saint Florent

Day 3 – The Desert of Agriates.
Today you leave to go to the heart of the Agriates Desert. From hamlet to hamlet, you cross this superb desert which will bring you closer to the sea again. According to the chosen layout, you will be able to follow a way which will take you into the heights of Balagne to see superb landscapes before going down towards the littoral and its Genoese Towers. You will arrive soon at Ile Rousse. Do not miss the sunset on the end of the islands which will make you understand why this city was named Ile Rousse. The heart of the city is very animated in summer time and abounds with colors.

Riding Distances: approximately 30 - 54kms.
Night stay at Monticello .

Day 4 – Villages of Balagne.
Before going up to the villages of Balagne you might visit Calvi. This area is worth the detour. Stone villages perched in the middle of nowhere have an astonishing beauty and have been from modernism. Your overnight will be in one of the many typical villages of Balagne.

Riding Distances: approximately 33kms, 43kms or 54kms.
Night in Lama.(at 16 km from Ponte Leccia)

Day 5 – The Corsica Inheritance.
Down and up the villages of Castagniccia

Riding distance: approximately 55kms.
Night in in Campana.

Day 6 – Descent through Castagniccia and Marana.

This last day of bicycle is not the least. It will take you along the villages of Castagniccia known for their chapels, their numerous natural sources as well as their ancestral culture of sweet chestnut. Royal Milan, this impressive raptor is widespread in this zone and you will surely see it hovering over your heads. You will see Campitello and San Michele-de-Murato before arriving at the coast. Your stop for the night will be in a village close to the airport.

Riding distance: approximately 35kms or 52 or 75kms.
Night in Lucciana.

Day 7 – End of stay.

After your breakfast, End of stay.
You'll have to call a taxi to bring you to the airport (€ 20).


We can constantly modify the stages ofyour stay in reasons of events independent of our will,particularly caused by climatic and natural events.

In the 8-day tour you will stay an extra night in Feliceto.
In the 9-day tour you will ride to the Golf of Porto.

That program offers everyday various level of cycling, from distances between 22kms to 71kms. Therefore, depending of your level and form, you can daily adapt your cycling level to your wishes.
Easiest level: from 22kms to 48kms per day. Toughest level: from 46kms to 71kms per day.

Transport of luggage
The porting of your luggage is ensured by taxis.

Start at
Your hotel in Bastia on the afternoon on day 1End of the package at
the airport or your hotel in Lucciana on last day.

Any day from April to the beginning of November.

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