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Terms and Conditions La Ligne Verte & valac

Please read this document thoroughly before booking a trip.

Wherever La Ligne Verte or VALAC are mentioned, both are implied.
La Ligne Verte - valac is registered at the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) Amsterdam, Netherlands as La Ligne Verte B.V. (reg.number 30275930).
Its VAT number :

Liability of VALAC and La Ligne Verte:
La Ligne Verte ~VALAC  acts as an agent in securing all aspects of these tours and is responsible to the participants for the arrangements, services, and accommodations included only in such capacity. LV, its agents, and/or employees shall not be responsible for personal injury or property damage arising out of the act of negligence of any direct or associated carrier, hotel, or other person rendering services or accommodations; nor is LV responsible for injury, death, damage, loss, or delay in any means of transportation or any event beyond the actual control of LV, its agents or suppliers or due to force majeure. In the event it becomes necessary or advisable, for any reason, to alter the itinerary or arrangements, such alterations may be made. Additional expenses, if any, will be paid by passengers, likewise, any savings will be shared by passengers. LV reserves the right to decline, accept, or retain at any time, any person as a participant of any tour, or to cancel any tour.

Bike rental: When renting bikes you will be personally responsible for damage or loss of the bike(s). Furthermore La Ligne Verte ~ VALAC is not responsible for the consequences of accidents with the bike. La Ligne Verte~VALAC will make the booking of bike-rental for you at a cyclestore (a professional will check the bikes) but you yourself will be the renting person because La Ligne Verte does not rent bikes itself. We expect you to check your self the condition of the bike before starting the cycling tour. By taking the bike you accept these conditions. When arriving at your first hotel please take a look at the bike(s) and call our agent (at 0674926314) asap if the bikes are not Okay. La Ligne Verte will assure the bike will be OK before starting the cycling tour. As surety for possible damage to the bikes we will have your credit card. If the bike is being returned damaged, La Ligne Verte will charge your credit card for the costs of repair or replacement.
Instruction in bicycle use is not provided, and participants affirm they are familiar with the operation of a multi-speed bicycle. H
elmets are not required

Reservations, Deposits, and Final Payment
A deposit of 10% per person is required at the time of booking. Full payment is due
56 days prior to departure. The tour price is per person based on double occupancy and includes those items mentioned in the itinerary, plus any prepaid optional items. Single room requests are subject to supplemental charges, and must be requested at time of booking. A deposit will confirm space.

A reservation is made by completing our online booking form.  You may make your reservation tentatively by phone, or provide a credit card number by phone, but all bookings must be made by online system.  This is to ensure that you are familiar with these terms and our release of liability.

At the time of reservation, a credit card is required to book and hold space.  Your credit card will be charged 10% per person once the entire program is confirmed.  If the requested tour is not available, you will not be charged, but offered an alternative which you can choose to accept or decline.  Payments by check are not accepted.

Group discounts
Group discounts are applicable only on basic rates p.p. with 2 persons sharing room, but not on supplements for single rooms, extra nights, nor on bike rental or any other supplements.
Group discounts
are indicated in a percentage of the basic rate and apply to every member of the party. The applicable discount applies to payments that are made for the whole party by 1 person and with only one Credit Card. For payments with 2 or more credit cards an administrative supplement of €20 per credit card or per bank to bank  payment will be charged.

Payments of last minute (less than three weeks before start of the package) bookings can only be made by credit card.   We will remind you of your final payment date in advance. 

Payment is in Euros only.

Check each tour description to see what each trip includes.

Hotels from the point of tour departure through tour completion. Rooms are doubles and include private bath or shower. Single rooms are limited and require supplemental charges, singles not requesting single rooms will be booked into a double, and if a share arrangement is unavailable then the supplement will be assessed.

Meals included vary, check the individual trip description, however normally dinner in the tradition of each property is included except in some B&B hotels in Millau, Albi and Avignon.

Transportation includes a variety of situations. Longer trips will include transfers. Please refer to the trip description to be sure what is included. If you wish to arrange for separate transportation we can complete your needs. Also, daily vehicle support will transport baggage.

The tours do not include all other trip costs such as airfare, trip and/or medical insurance, excess baggage charges, or any personal items. Meals in addition to those mentioned in the itinerary are excluded, as well as any unpaid optional tour or sightseeing event. Drinks are typically excluded.

Participant may wish to bring their own bicycle for assured comfort and better trip enjoyment. You know your bicycle inside and out, which leaves less to adapt being in new terrain. Bicycle rentals are optional for all tours, and can be made available for an additional charge for those who prefer. Bicycles are hybrids equipped with
3 x 7 gears for this type of travel/terrain.  They are multi-speed bicycles equipped with bags, locks, water bottles, repair kit.  All bicycles are kept exclusively for our customers. Any customers who choose to bring their own bicycles are responsible for all mechanical issues, for all transportation issues including travelling by train which is difficult in France on the TGV but easy on other trains. If you plan to rent a bicycle, you are responsible for the bicycle once you take possession of it at your first hotel. Your responsibilities include any costs for damage or theft up to the full value of the bicycle.

Helmets are standardly not included in the price of bike-rental. Sometimes you will have to buy the helmets at the bikeshop where the bike are being rented.

Air & Train Reservations
We do not handle air reservations.  Customers are encouraged to contact a travel agent or web service.  Train tickets can also be arranged, however certain restrictions exist for bicycle transport on TGV trains, please ask for information on baggage limits if travelling by TGV prior to purchasing tickets. We are not responsible for any problems you may have travelling on the TGV with your bike.  See your travel documents for our suggestions.

Cancellation of Tours
Once a deposit is received, a reservation confirmation is made,
you'll receive a hotel list of your tour by email, and final payment is due 56 days prior to tour departure.

We suggest you take an insurance for costs of cancelation. To cancel a booked journey you have to send an email to or phone: La Ligne Verte ~ Vacances la Carte. The person who signed/mailed the booking confirmation ("Party leader") should also sign/mail the notification of cancellation. Cancellation has to be done by email to establish the date of cancellation, with confirm receipt. We will confirm receipt of the cancelation by mail.
Our cancellation charges, based on the total cost, are as follows:

If you have to cancel  Our charges  We refund:
More than 56 days before the first night of your package  10% of total rate  90% of total rate
From 56 to 28 days before the first night of your package  25% of total rate  75% of total rate
From 27 to 16 days before the first night of your package  50% of total rate  50% of total rate
From 15 to 8 days before the first night of your package  75% of total rate  25% of total rate
From 7 to 2 days  before the first night of your package  90% of total rate  10% of total rate
1 day before the first night of your package or on the day
of the first night of your package or after
 100% of total rate  no refund

Refunds are paid to your credit card or bankaccount. 
If you have to cancel a booking you can let some else take your place without extra costs.


"cancelation-inclusion package" La Ligne Verte - valac

For all our budget, standard and plus trips (not for the superior and luxury packages!) in the Grands Causses area (only!) you can purchase our "cancelation-inclusion package" to cover the costs of any cancelation. For a supplement of 4% of the total costs of your trip with La Ligne Verte (not the costs of travelling to the first hotel of the trip) you can cancel your trip (not the travel costs) without having to state the grounds for doing so.

The cancelation-inclusion-package will result in a refund of 90% of your payment to La Ligne Verte - valac. These are the terms and conditions of this cancelation-inclusion package of La Ligne Verte - valac:

1. You may cancel your trip till 18:00 hour of  the day before the first night of the trip. It is not possible to cancel the trip the day of your arrival or during the trip.
2. To cancel you have to send an email to La Ligne Verte (find the email-address in your booking confirmation or else contact here) to inform La Ligne Verte of your cancelation.
3. You can cancel without having to state the grounds for doing so.
4. This cancelation-inclusion package of La Ligne Verte is not applicable on all trips. Excluded are trips in Dordogne, Cathars area, Corsica and Provence. Excluded are all superior and luxury packages. This "cancelation-inclusion" package is applicable to budget, standard, and plus trips in the Grands Causses area for groups up to 4 persons. With larger parties the cancelation-inclusion packages will apply to the 4 first members of the party. To all other group members our standard cancelation rules will apply.
5. La Ligne Verte will refund 90% of the money due (i.e. the total price of the trip) within 3 weeks after cancelation. The reimbursement of the money due will be balanced with the final balance or with the deposit.
6. For example: If the costs of your cycling trip (bike rental included) and other supplements are €1000,-  this cycling package with the cancelation-inclusion package will cost you € 1040,-. If you phone us about the cancelation and send us an email the day before at 17:00 hr, informing La Ligne Verte of your cancelation the trip, you'll get a refund of € 936,- if you  already paid €1040 for the final balance.
If you paid the deposit of 10% only, there will be no further reimbursement. 
 Reimbursement of 90% is only applicable if the total amount has been paid from no more than one credit card or bank-account. Reimbursement of payments with more than one credit card or from more than one bank-account will cause an extra fee of  €25 per extra credit card or bank-account, which will be reduced from the reimbursement due.


Once a booking request is received and confirmed, modification of dates or alteration of itineraries
can require a change fee.  Fees vary according to the scope of the change but can be substantial if last minute changes lead to hotel or other service cancellations.  A minimum change fee of € 20 applies to any change within 35 days of travel.

Trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. This will protect you should you need to cancel for certain necessary reasons such as illness, and provides your refunds for air and tour in full. Additional insurance for baggage, health/accident is also strongly recommended. LV does not supply travel insurance.

Pre-departure Documentation
After receipt of your deposit, a
hotel list will be sent by e-mail. Route info and an outline of what to expect during the walk will be waiting for you at your first hotel.. You are responsible for passport requirements, and we suggest you plan early to apply for a passport. Please check your government requirements.

Additional responsibilities of you the traveller include, but are not limited to the adherence of all local laws, respecting customs and culture, assessing your abilities, respecting other trip members privacy, and if on a guided trip following the suggestions and advice of the guide.


Nota bene: VALAC and La Ligne Verte are not responsible for loss or damage at/by rented objects or of luggage transported by taxis.

Nota bene: apparent mistakes and faults in this website ( don't bind VALAC nor La Ligne Verte.

Nota bene: VALAC and La Ligne Verte are not responsible for loss or damage caused by virusses of third parties in our website (